Data protection

The protection of personal data is an important issue that we take very seriously.

Data of users/ citizens
The citizenMorph app users can provide a user name and an email address (option). Both, user name and email adddress, are purely voluntary: Providing a user name allows the participants to see what data they contributed. Providing an email address allows to send additional information (e.g. newsletter). Otherwise no personal data is collected and used. All data will only be used anonymously and for the described research. Photos of landforms (taken by citizens) will not be published without previous examination (not showing people or private property). By uploading the photos, the contributor agrees that these photos may be used, published, and/ or shared for the described scientific purposes. When contributing an e-mail address, please beware that this does not contain any personal data, such as E-mail addresses containing personal data will be deleted.

The citizenMorph website gives to the users/ citizens  the possibility to write in a forum. In this context, data that is shown/ requested in the post form, will be collected. While the username is displayed along with the post, the email is only available to us for direct requests to the post author.If photos are uploaded to the forum, the general copyright and personal data protection regulations should be taken into account. All contributions (data, photos, posts etc.) including metadata are stored indefinitely. Consent of use can be withdrawn by sending an e-mail to the project team.

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