Project description

citizenMorph is a citizen science project; this means that the citizens are essentially working on a science study.

Citizens are allowed to report different land- or relief forms (or forms of the ground) that stand out: this includes a description of the landform, its location and a picture. These data are necessary for scientists to understand the changing landforms better.

Studying landforms and the processes which lead to their origin are gaining more and more importance, due to climate change. For instance, strong rainfalls cause more dynamic regions and changing landscapes constantly. The following video gives a good insight on the topic: Austria: Death on the doorstep.

Depending on geology, climate and vegetation different landforms are formed. The different types of landforms is large. Currently, the citizenMorph project deals with mass movement, glacier, volcanic and coastal landforms.

To report citizen-generated data, mobile applications are usually used – as is the case of citizenMorph. These apps can be easily used by citizens and don’t need much introduction. However, developping such an app is often not easy, and therfore, citizens have been involved in the development of the citizenMorph app significantly.