How to contribute?

To participate in this project and to collect data about landforms, the follow the steps below. They vary depending on whether you are using this App for the first time or not:

Reporting Data and Photos for the first time (Internet connection required)

  1. Scan the QR Code below (i.e. QR code reader / scanner). Now your browser will open automatically showing the app. If you use an Android device please use Chrome, for Apple devices Safari – the app works better using these browsers.

  2. As an alternative, you can use this link:

  3. Please add the citizenMorph app website to your homescreen. This can be done by clicking on the “Add to homescreen” button. An icon for the citizenMorph app is now added to your homescreen.

  4. On your smartphone or tablet turn on GPS. This will make it easier to report your location, and thus the location of the landform. In addition, pictures taken by you will include spatial information.

  5. Start reporting data and images of the landform or a part of it that you see.

You can find more relevant information about reporting under “landforms“.


Repeated reporting of data and photos (Internet connection required)

  1. Open the citizenMorph app available on your start screen.


  2. Start reporting data and photos of the landform or of a part of it.

You can find more relevant information about reporting under “landforms“.


Below you can find some recommendations on how to take photos that will allow us to create a 3D model of landforms:

  1. The landform or part of it has to be photographed from different view points.


  2. 15-20 photos would be great.Ideally, the images should overlap at least halfway.


  3. The distance between you and the landform should always be the same (if possible).


With regard to data protection, you will find all important information here.

When contributing an e-mail address, please beware that this does not contain any personal data, such as E-mail addresses containing personal data will be deleted.

Consent of use can be withdrawn by sending an email to the project team.